Your Burns Park Elementary 2020/21 T-SHIRT

Every child enrolled in Burns Park hybrid OR virtual gets a special edition Kindness Connects shirt!

T-shirts were distributed in the BPE parking lot on: 

Saturday March 20th, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm 
Monday March 22nd, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

**Any remaining t-shirts will be given to classroom teachers for delivery at school. 

Want more BPE Swag?

Additional BPE shirts, fleeces, sweatpants and hats will be available for purchase in April. Stay tuned for details! 


What does it mean to be a BPE Penguin this year?

Over the holiday break, the students were invited to submit ideas for 2020/2021 Burns Park Elementary "Virtual Learning" t-shirts. We asked the students to answer, “What does it mean to be a Burns Park Penguin in 2020-2021?”

A committee of staff and parents helped select designs to be used as inspiration for this years’ t-shirt.

We received 32 very thoughtful entries from across all grades from the following BPE Penguins:
Aahna Lagisetty, Alexandra Birditt Todd, Alma Birdsong, Anya Barmada, Arielle Kahana, Ashley Von Blon, Camila Hatt, Carl Hayden, Chloe Outslay, Eva Malcoun, Grant LaTarte, Jack & Callum Healy, Jessie Sherwood, Josie Hollingsworth, Joslynn Bester, Kareena Malhotra, Keira Von Blon, Koko Edgar, Laila Hikaru Mostagir, Liliana Guananja-Westlake, LJ Flynn, Max Roth-Kerner, Nantenin Kande, Oscar Cartman, Peter Spencer, Rory Gold, Ruth Alben, Sam Mickey, Sanidhya Sukesh, Sarah Maria Philip, Satianna Shewchuk, Wren Finnane, Yi Yue Monicah Pan


Every single entry was used to inform the final design. Thank you!! A special thank you to LJ Flynn, Ashley Von Blon and Grant LaTarte whose designs were selected by our committee and played an integral part in the overall design.

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