Special Interest Fair


REGISTER HERE  by January 20th for the Special Interest Fair on Wednesday, January 22nd. 

 The Special Interest Fair is an event for all of the children at Burns Park in which they produce a small project on a subject that interests them. It's intended to help them learn how to research, gather information and get the creative juices flowing. It’s not a competition, just a way of self expression.

  1. Pick a topic: Think about something you enjoy doing, or maybe you want to learn more about a subject. You may do the project with a friend or sibling.
    • If you are unable to register online, let your teacher, Mr. Hatt, or Ms. Wolf know, or email inclusion@bpepto.org, and we’ll get you all set!
    • Special Interest Fair chair James Boardman makes each kid a certificate, so the earlier the better for registration. 
    • If doing the project with a friend then only one of you need register. There is an option on the registration to add their name. 
  3. Investigate: Gather up as much info as you can about your subject. Visit the media center, read books, ask your parents to help you search online. 
  4. Create: Please use either a freestanding tri-fold cardboard project board or you may create a free-standing display of your own. Most of the tri-folds measure 48 x 26, and they are available easily online, or at Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s. Mr. Hatt and Ms. Wolf have some extra poster trifolds in their office if you want to check in with them.
  5. There are a few no-no’s. Sorry!! Absolutely NO LIVE ANIMALS, NO VALUABLES, NOTHING OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE, NO CANDY OR TREATS. The fair will be on display all day without supervision.  

 Things to Remember: Registration is due on January 20th.

  • Project drop off before school: 8:15am-8:50am.
  • Class viewing will be from 9am until 3:30pm (Parents are welcome).
  • Family and Friends viewing: 6pm-7:15pm.
  • Projects to be taken home that evening or will be left in the auditorium for pick up.
  • Any questions? Email BPE parent and event coordinator James Boardman at themutster@me.com or inclusion@bpepto.org


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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