Please note that the current Ann Arbor Public Schools District policy is that all volunteers have a background check on file. Please return your completed Volunteer Background Check Form to the Burns Park Elementary Office staff. The background check takes about a week to process and will need to be renewed every school year. 


Room Parent Role

Room Parents and Room Parent Committees are essential in coordinating parent involvement in classroom and school-wide activities and facilitating the exchange of information.  Each teacher is different and has different needs and expectations for room parents. Teachers will communicate those needs. There are core activities that room parents are responsible for in every class that include: 

  • Communicating classroom specific events and activities to parents
  • Coordinating volunteers for classroom specific activities (e.g. Art, Library, and other activities as requested by teacher)
  • Coordinating volunteers for some designated school-wide events (e.g. class table at ice cream social)
  • Planning class parties (e.g. Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, End  of Year)
  • Taking pictures of your class activities for year book
  • Coordinating teachers gifts (optional)

Everyone who is interested in being a room parent will be given an opportunity to be a room parent. For classrooms with multiple room parents, there will be a room parent committee that works together to plan and communicate activities. 


If you have any questions before that please reach out to your PTO volunteer coordinator


Already a Room Parent? 

Visit our Room Parent Toolkit.