Field Day

Field Day is a Physical Education event created and run by Mr. Leonard. He plans the stations and brings the materials, with the exception of the snack and water station. The Field Day Committee is responsible for creating a sign-up genius of volunteers to cover the stations and then to ensure each station is covered and functioning well during the day of the event. The Field Day Committee is also responsible for running the snack and water station and for providing the snack. The snack has typically been popsicles and the coordinators use one of the large coolers/little freezers in the storage room to keep the popsicles cold. The cooler is turned on the night before the popsicles are picked up from Gordon Food Services and then the popsicles are stored in the cooler until Field Day. The morning of Field Day, Mr. Leonard and a volunteer bring the cooler outside to the snack station. The snack station also has large containers of water and ice. The committee chairs bring the ice for the water containers and keep some in a cooler for injuries that need require ice as the snack and water station are also where the children come in case of minor field day injuries.

Overall, this is an easy and pleasant event to chair as Mr. Leonard is wonderful to work with and the children absolutely love it!