Who is on your PTO?

You are. Any parent or guardian that has a child attending Burns Park School is a voting member of the PTO. Welcome!

Your PTO Executive Board


Laura Hayden

Laura has a 5th grade daughter and 1st grade son at Burns Park and a 7th grade son at Tappan Middle School. Her 81 year old father also attended Burns Park. She feels excited and grateful to be serving your PTO for the coming year.



Karen Healy

Karen has twin boys, Jack & Callum, in first grade. This is her first year on your Burns Park PTO.


Fundraising Coordinators:

Jenn Monk-Reising

Jenn has a fifth grader at Burns park and a Ninth Grader starting at Pioneer and Community High Schools. This is Jenn's tenth and final year on your BPE PTO - Jenn is thrilled to have served as Fundraising Coordinator for all ten years and is honored to have been a part of the community in ways such as creating and running the capital campaign for the new upper el playground. Thank you Burns Park for so many wonderful years of service!


Jill Schloff

Jill has served as Co-President on your PTO for the past two years and as an At-Large Member prior to that. Her son Bo is now in middle school and her daughter Elke is in 4th grade.


Julie Rick

Julie is the mother of a first grader, Henry. This is her first year on your PTO.


Laurel Schroeder

Laurel has a 5th grade son at Burns Park Elementary and a 6th grade son at Tappan Middle School. This is her third year serving on your Burns Park Elementary PTO.



Silvia Robles

Silvia is the mother of a young fiver and a third grader. This is her first year on your PTO.

Jane Hollingsworth

Jane has a daughter in third grade, as well as two sons (in sixth- and eighth-grades, respectively, both at Tappan). This is her third year on your PTO board serving as co-treasurer.

Volunteer Coordinators: 

Ry4an Brase

Ry4an has a middle schooler who came through Burns Park and Noah in second grade. He helps with volunteer signups and the website. He feels absurd writing about himself in the third person and is an engineer at Google.

Mayuri Guntupalli

Mayuri has a second grader, Nylah, and young fiver, Gavin. This is her first year on your PTO.

Your PTO At-Large Members 

Our 10 At-large members have an increased attendance and involvement expectation. They are expected to attend all meetings (barring unforeseen circumstances) and either chair a committee or be a consistent and frequent volunteer. 

Jessica Anderson

Jessica has three boys at Burns Park in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades. Jessica enjoys her time as a substitute teacher at Burns Park and helping out wherever needed.

Erika Boehnke

Erika has a 2nd grader Ella, 4th grader Cameron and a 6th grader Ryan. This is her 5th year on your PTO.


Kate Brummett

Kate has a 4th grader, Christopher, a second grader, Annabelle and soon to be kindergartener (2020), Claire. This is Kate’s first year on your PTO.


Kara Couio

Kara has a 4th grader Bennett and a 7th grader at Tappan, Stella. Kara will be helping with the Lost and Found and doing the school yearbook.


Gail Epstein

Gail has a fourth grader at Burns Park, Addison. She also has a sixth grader, Scarlett. This is her second year on your Burns Park PTO.


Dan Hamalainen

Dan has a fifth grader at Burns Park and an eighth grader at Tappan. This is his seventh year overall on your PTO board. After getting his feet wet with the financial side of the playground campaign, he was co-treasurer for the last four years.


Alisse Portnoy

Alisse has a fifth grader, Jessica. This is her second year on your Burns Park PTO.


Susie Shaefer

Susie has a first grader, Michael, and a fifth grader, Bridget. This is her first year on your Burns Park PTO.


Megan Smulders

Megan has second grade triplets—Lucia, Rowan, and Vivian. This is her first year on your Burns Park PTO.


Rachel Ufer

Rachel has a first grader, Cora, and a preschooler, Alice. This is her first year on your Burns Park PTO.


Your PTO Committee Chairs

Your PTO absolutely could not do the many things we do without the fabulous and dedicated community volunteers who take leadership of special events and projects. They are in many ways the "unsung heroes" of your PTO. Learn more about our wonderful committees - and see where and how you can get involved.

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