Special Interest Fair

Visit this page for Registration and Info on the 2020 Special Interest Fair! 


The SIF is an event for all the children at Burns Park in which they produce a small project on a subject that interests them. It’s usually held in the winter and is intended to help them learn how to research, gather information and get the creative juices flowing. It’s not a competition, just a way of self expression.

The committee is responsible for communicating with families about the event, setting up and cleaning up the event, establishing a registration page and creating certificates. This is a very small time commitment to make for such a fun activity in which all the kids who participate, enjoy. Please contact James Boardman with any questions.

My responsibility is to make sure the auditorium is assembled with enough tables and set up on the evening prior to the fair so the children can arrive with their projects in the morning.


Duties include:

  • Book the auditorium with Kathy Kramer
  • Let the school population know when the fair is
  • Organize delivery of tables from A1 rental (the school does not have enough)
  • Make registration website for people to submit their projects.
  • Make individual certificates from spreadsheet created from website (This is the most time consuming part of the entire thing. Maybe about 4 hours) (Optional but makes organizing easier and the children)
  • Organize for volunteers to help set up and break down the fair. In addition, the morning of the fair helping students to find the allocated spot for their project.